In business we all know it’s critical to be different! Agree? – Yes, then if you do, you will understand how sometimes you just don’t have the right resource to deliver new ways of working or your current team are just too busy.

Be different is about looking outside of your immediate team and business to identify personnel who are different – interim is your solution.

Experienced personnel deliver within your guidelines and save you time and money.

Business Benefits

  • Usually highly experienced and above the grade you are looking to fill
  • Can work at strategic level or as a practitioner
  • Work independently and can lead a team/or a team player
  • Quick to understand the task/project to be completed
  • Flexible and excellent communicator

5 positive key benefits from speaking with 30 business leaders about interim

  • Available immediately
  • Day rate agreed – fixed costs
  • No holiday, sickness and pension contributions
  • Flexible resource
  • Fills the gap


Interim roles are sometimes extremely confidential and may be required to enter an organisation to support delicate situations.  A recent example of this with the IoD below:

The Institute of Directors needed to replace the Chief Executive on an interim basis to provide time to review an incident. [source: 23.7.18]


Another example of interim effectiveness is with family businesses & board roles

A Family Business Board of Directors is a group of individuals who are either elected or appointed to oversee the operations of a business and make important decisions on behalf of business.  The family may wish to bring an interim into the business and on the board providing time to see how the (outside) influence is enabling positive steps forwards.

Some family owned business are not always required to have a Board of Directors, but many family businesses are large enough to warrant a Board of Directors.  The benefits of having a Board of Directors are numerous. A Board of Directors allows a family owned business to establish boundaries and to create a defined line separating the family dynamic from business operations.

Hints and Tips

  • When a family business is large enough to require a Board of Directors, “No Two Hats” is a good policy. This means that members of the board should not also hold high-level positionswithin the company because this can create a conflict of interest.
  • Interim and outsiders (non-family) is a good way to hold discussions around succession planning.
  • Interim roles can be used for setting the Company’s Business Strategy
  • Analysing the performance of Company Managers
  • Determining the Process used for Family Business Succession
  • Managing decisions regarding Family Conflicts related to the Family Business

Research source [23.7.18]

In summary an interim can enable the organisation to keep moving forwards, your flexible resource and to deliver against business goals in your timelines and within your rules.

Be Different!

Author: Kathryn Orange working with Business leaders and Investors on an interim basis.  Typically, who are looking for an experienced resource to support delivery of business change (improvements/growth) and/or have acquired a new business.