Case Study: Business Franchise, A Client’s story for franchising their business for growth

CONTACT:     Kathryn Orange TFL Group Ltd, Franchise & Business Consultancy

Client: Budget: £40k – final cost 75% Cost Saving

Client Actual: £10k (Inclusive spend to Franchise the business)

Context: A 15-year old cleaning business with a loyal customer base and ways of working was ready to grow nationally.  Following discussions with leadership teams it was decided to create a franchise model to achieve this goal.

Franchising provides an opportunity to grow at your pace, timelines and budget whilst still managing the day job.  For others who would like to own their own business it’s a way to enter into self-employment with a brand that fits your profile, aspirations and future goals.

Importantly, a business developed over years, a clearly defined model, customers, route to market and ways of working.


For TFL Group (Business & Franchise Consultancy)

To guide the client at each step of their journey and remain focused with effective communication. Deliver against expectations/future outcomes (simple to understand and embrace opportunities/challenges when they happen).

For the Client (Franchisor)to create a franchise business ready to recruit franchisees with documents (protection, legal, ready for growth and operational). Simultaneously, a financial model demonstrating investment levels, profits and business value at each time point.

For the Individual purchasing the model (franchisee) 

Transparent process that provides all of the information to be able to make an informed decision. Importantly, financial models and information not shared in the public domain. Once on-board the support and guidance at each stage of their journey, at commencement, during and the end (sell/exit).


A franchise model ready, a clear strategy and plan, a financial plan with

substantial knowledge transferred to the franchisor.  All documents in place and throughout lots of fun and smiles and confidence that the how to, when to and through whom are ready.

Strategic partners in place and legal documents, ways of working & ready to go.

A New Franchisee in less than 6 months!   Client: