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If your business is ready to grow and you’re looking for an alternative model to organic growth. You would prefer not to recruit in-house paid staff, invest upfront in a national network then franchising your business may be a good option.
Franchising is the practice of the right to use a firm’s business model, ways of working and brand for initial and ongoing fees over a prescribed period of time with a clear Return on Investment (ROI) at re-sales or exit.

If you are buying into a Franchise you are known as a Franchisee and become a self-employed business owner. The systems, processes, ways of working and route to market have been tested over many years and proven, you will own and run the business, using the brand and systems of an established company (known as the franchisor).

Business owners and non franchise organisations – At The Future Ltd we work with business leaders who are looking to grow without the challenges of man-management and paid structures.

Typically you will understand how effective your business is today (we check this with you too before we recommend franchising as a route to grow). We work with leaders who have established a business and are happy to share ways of working with other like-minded professionals.

Franchise Organisations – Franchisors like other business owners don’t always spot the invisible like the team at The Future Ltd. As experienced franchisors we know how to run a franchise organisation and are quick to spot opportunities to boost, grow or improve an existing franchise business.

Franchisees- In a franchise business you still need to keep an eye of developing your own territory and customer base, hitting the financial targets, checking your working with the right customers and being very clear about your direction, strategy and plan. We know how time flies as we have been both franchisor and franchisees too and we can guide you at each touch point just when you need us.