How important is it to received positive client feedback?

My view is that you should aim for 10/10 every day.

For any business it’s essential to understand your clients’ needs, expectations and company goals.

Ask for Testimonials too so that you can fully understand what clients like about your service.

3 points everyone should consider when creating a new service of product

  1. First, we listen and understand the current client position and future goals.
  2. Understand what is required to support clients achieve them.
  3. Communicate at each stage and check everything is on track.

Customers & Growth

  • It’s also important to grow new customers (identify them from the existing customer profile).
  • Re-engage with customers whom you have not spoken to for some time.
  • Current customers are gold dust so remember to ensure they have that ‘Positive Client Experience’ every day.

The blog is a gentle reminder for business owners, it captures customer actual feedback, offers a guide in support of testimonials and gaining new business for growth in support of strategic goals and actions for any business.

Author: Kathryn Orange, passionate about customers and growing businesses.